Intermarine Cruise & Ferry management

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Management Company

Mr. Igor Glukhov


A brief summary of the projects implemented by company CEO Mr. Igor Glukhov for the last 15 years.:

MD and CEO of INFLOT World Wide Group 2000-2012 

  • 2003  Creation of the Agency network in the Russian Federation, in the countries of Scandinavia, the Black sea and Asia more than 2,500 calls of cruise ships.
  • 2002-2003 Organization charity cruise on cruise ship Silja Opera with the participation of the Spouse of the President of the Russian Federation Putina L. V
  • 2003 Charter cruise liner Silver Whisper, the 300 anniversary of Saint-Petersburg, accommodation of CIS Heads of state and President of the R. F.
  • 2004-2005 organizing and servicing the international ferry lines, Tallink and Silja Line in Saint-Petersburg
  • 2007 Organization and management of the marine sector of the Saint-Petersburg Economic Forum and a freight passenger ship Victoria for accommodation of guests and participants of the Forum.
  • 2008 Organization and management of the marine sector of the Saint-Petersburg Economic Forum and a freight passenger ship Silver Wind to host the guests and participants of the Forum. The organization of the official reception on Board in honor of the President of the Russian Federation Medvedev D. A.


In St-Peter Line Ltd from 2010-2013

  • Organization and management of startup of the Russian subsidiary company, St Peter Line Ltd, international cruise line in St. Petersburg on the route St. Petersburg - Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm 2010-2012
  • Organization and management marketing and sales on the Russian and International market, the volume of passengers amounted to 649 000 Russian and foreign citizens.
  • 2010 Organization and opening of the first Russian ferry line St Peter Line, cruise ferry Princess Maria (1670 passengers) St. Petersburg- Helsinki.
  • 2011 Organization and opening of the Russian ferry line, St Peter Line, cruise ferry Princess Anastasia (1960 passengers), St. Petersburg- Helsinki-Stockholm and Tallinn.
  • 2012 organization and project management chartering of the cruise ship RCCL Legend of the Seas for the needs of APEC summit in Vladivostok.


In Intermarine Group since 2013

  • 2013 Organization and management of the company Paradise Cruise& Ferry Ltd 2013 to 2016, the purchase, organization charters, technical and commercial management of passenger ferry “Isabella 1” (2000 passengers) and “Poseidon Express” 24 000 GT
  • 2014 Organization and management of maritime projects of Intermarine Cruise Management Corp.,
  • 2016, Participation in the program is the set up for cruise line on the Black sea in cooperation with PAO “Sovfracht” and the Ministry of Transport of the port of Sochi in 2016 ( Knyaz Vladimir Cruise project).
  • 2017 Consultancy and Feasibility Study for the New Cruise & Ferry Terminal of Pionersk in Kaliningrad Region.
  • 2017 Consultancy contract with City of St-Petersburg Government and PWC for the settlement of Cruise Line for city of St-Petersburg
  • 2017 Set up the Shore Excursion and Port Agency operations vehicle International Cruise Service Vladivostok LLC in Vladivostok and Russian Far East ports like Korsakov, Petropavlovsk for cruise business development and attraction international cruise lines.
  • 2018 Signing contract for Shore excursion service with Messrs. Lotte Tour Korea for the Costa Cruises in Vladivostok
  • 2018 Implementation of Audio Guides system in Vladivostok tours.
  • 2018 May 12 Shore Excursion Service to largest ever cruise ship “Costa Serena” to Vladivostok with 3000 passengers for Lotte Tour Development
  • 2018 September 22 Shore Excursion Service to cruise ship “Costa Fortuna” to Vladivostok with 2600 passengers for Lotte Tour Development
  • 2018 Signing Contract with Genting Cruise Lines for Russian ports as port agents and shore excursion services
  • 2019 Signing Contract with Costa Cruises (Carnival Group) for Russian ports as port agency.
  • 2019 Successful service 10 calls of Costa Cruises as port Agents in the Port of Vladivostok.
  • 2019 Signing Agency Contract for the “Costa Venezia” Floating Hotel Russian Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok September 2019.
  • 2019 Agency arrangements for Hurtigrutten Cruise Group for Murmansk cruise program to St Joseff Land.
  • 2020 Co-operation with the Regions Government Russian Far East the development of Russian National Cruise Line with leading experts in the industry.
  • 2020 Development of Korsakov Port for the cruise and ferry business together with local Government and Cruise Lines.