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PNS ASLAT successfully served by Intermarine Cruise Ferry Management in St-Petersburg as the first ever naval visit of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Russian Federation

Intermarine Cruise Ferry Management Corp (ICFM) St-Petersburg based agency and maritime service group was appointed as the official Port Agent and service provider for PNS Aslat to St-Petersburg during her visit by the invitation of Government of Russian Federation 28-31.08.2018.

Due to its excellent logistic and administrative arrangements ICFM gained great success of the official visit of the newest Pakistan Navi Ship “Aslat” to St-Petersburg arranging services to its 300 servicemen and High Delegation of Ministry of Defense of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, under the lead of Brigade General Soldier Khan.

The call has made big publicity in the city of St-Petersburg and host of many important Protocol Events like Official Reception at the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment which was marked by the visit of representatives of Russian Navy and Government of St-Petersburg.

All ships needs have been successfully fulfilled by professional staff of ICFM including bunkering and fresh water delivery as well as all logistic support for this sophisticated naval ship visit. The crew enjoyed the beauty of St-Petersburg very much, and the ships Commander would take part in Russian Navy Parade by the invitation of the President of Russian Federation.

The excellent job of ICFM staff and its management was specially marked by the official letter of appreciation signed by Brigade General Khan.

Pakistan Navy ships are always welcome to St-Petersburg and all other Russian ports for the development of tight friendship and intergovernmental co-operation between our countries.